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Donna Everson



My love of all things sewing was started in the 7th grade when I received my first sewing machine.  I made many of my own clothes including my wedding dress.  Quilting became my passion in the early 80’s when I took a hand piecing class and just loved it.  My life was moving faster and faster with a growing family and a family business.  “Get it done fast” became my motto so I turned to my beloved sewing machine.  Many quilts later, I added another sewing machine.  This time it was a Gammill long arm quilting machine.  After several years of quilting quilts for others and no time for my own quilts, I decided to “retire”.  I’ve been with Kathie’s Quilt Shoppe since the beginning.  Everyday I go to “work” I think how lucky I am to have a job that I love, at a quilt shop that I think is fabulous.  Stop in and see why!


 Carol Helinski


I purchased my first sewing machine in 1969 and for years have enjoyed making curtains for our home and clothing for myself, my children and then for my grandchildren.  I've loved doing many crafts over the years, but quilting took me by surprise!  It just never occurred to me to purchase fabric to make a quilt.  That is until I went into The Center For Sewing five years ago looking for buttons.  That's all I wanted. . .buttons.  Well, here I am, with over forty quilt projects completed, probably ten yet to be finished and hopefully many more to be begun. . .and I'm loving it!  I am also enjoying teaching an occassional class here at Kathie's Quilt Shoppe.  How exciting that my surprise has become my passion.



 Kathie White



My love of all things crafty started at a very early age.  My lovely Grandmother (Memere) taught me how to do all sorts of things, sewing, knitting, you name it!  Then I became an adult, had children, worked full time - so I had no time to do that sort of thing.  I started this business in 2003 because I thought it would be "good for me" to do something different and get my creative side back.  It is so nice to be able to do what I love - and they call this work!!  Every day my creative energies come alive.  I maintain my website, marketing campaigns and accounting, thankfully I also get to do what I truly love, teaching, making things - and watching my customers' eyes light up when they enter this house of all things creative!  I've started designing patterns and absolutely love that.  I am fulfilled in what I do and I love that I can provide a place for people like me - who love to create and be inspired by the talents of others!!   



 Bryanna Davies



I am Kathie's wonderful daughter and am going to be a mom soon.  I used to quilt when I was younger, and while I started getting into the routine of homework and trying to stay on task with getting good grades in Jr. High, I didn't quite think I had the time.  So I stopped sewing around the end of sixth grade.   I will tell you that I am much like my mother, some say we look a lot alike but I don't see it.  We are both very French and very loud, and for those of you who know who we are, you know what I am talking about!  We are both shopaholics, very much so.  We L.O.V.E the books Twilight; and to those who have read the books and have watched the movie, you may just know why we are SO in love!  Enough about me, come take a look at Kathie's Quilt Shoppe, where you will be frazzled and dazzled!  I can't wait to meet you!  My daughter is soon to be a Mom and you may see her here part time in the future.  For now I couldn't bear to take her off the website. 

The shop opened it’s doors on October 4, 2003.  At the time, the  shop was located on Main Street, behind Radio Shack in a leased space.  I opened the doors with about 300 bolts of fabrics, Janome and Pfaff sewing machines and little else.  After 6 months of existence, the shop took a radical shift!  I went to Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, PA and had a fabulous shopping spree, turning the shop from “Sewing Machine” store to Quilt Shop!  I stopped carrying Pfaff sewing machines and increased my inventory with more fabrics, books, patterns and notions.  I added classes of all types and really started to grow!

We have  done numerous blanket drives for Project Linus, donating well over 1,000 blankets!  We were  given the award for “Above and Beyond Dealer” by Janome in recognition of our efforts toward Project Linus in 2006.

We did a pink and white block drive in 2005 and put together four quilts and raffled them off on E-bay with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research.  This was before Better Homes and Gardens started doing this!  We participated in Better Homes and Gardens quilt drive the following year, donating 10 quilts to the cause.  We have historically collected quilts for children who enter the Maine Children’s Cancer Center and now support Grahamtastic and the quilts keep coming in!

We’ve offered several “Kathie’s Challenges” through the years and had lots of fun with that!

In August of 2006 I moved the shop to it’s current location!  I now house well over 2000 bolts of fabrics, wool, books, patterns and more!  I have, however, stopped carrying sewing machines. In November of 2014 I renovated part of the building and made it our home.  The footprint of the shop space changed, however, the inventory selection remains the same.  Owning and maintaining this building in addition to living elsewhere did not make any sense so my husband and I made the decision to move in - very smart move for us at this point in our lives.

I’ve encountered some real challenges on the way, but have held strong and continue to believe that this is a very important part of mine and other lives as well!  It’s home away from home for lots of people and I love that!

My staff and I are continuously thinking of new ways to inspire the creativity in all.  I pride myself on offering something for everyone.  My travels to Quilt Market are a very important part of what I do.  It sparks creativity in me, so that I can then pass it on.

The staff I have here, I believe, is the best.  Donna has been with me since the beginning of time!  She has seen all of the ups and downs - it’s been quite a ride I’d say!  Carol and Bob have joined the craziness here.  All are an important part of the shop.  We all offer something unique and it all just works!  You can read more about them above.

Thanks to all of my very loyal customers!  Without you, I would not be here!  We continue to meet new people on a daily basis and the fun just continues to grow!


Machine Quilting

Quilt Preparation:

  • Trim, square & press quilt top and backing
  • Trim all loose threads and trim edges evenly
  • Backing must be 6” larger than quilt top
  • Do not pin or baste the layers
  • Remove selvage edges from seam of backing and press seam open
  • Leave selvage edge on the rest of the backing
  • Check all seams for gaps or holes and make necessary repairs

We specialize in free motion quilting.  Charges include basic meandering, looping, etc. and include your choice of basic thread.  Specialty threads and thread changes are an additional cost.  We carry Quilter’s Dream battings in poly and cotton.  We use only batting provided by us.  Customer must choose which batting is preferred at an additional cost.  Charges:

  • Quilting - .015 per square inch
  • Rush fee – 1.5 times the original rate
  • Specialty thread - $5
  • Thread change - $5
  • $40 minimum charge
  • $20 non-refundable deposit required when quilt is scheduled
  • Quilts must be picked up within 60 days of being notified it is ready 

Adding Borders on a quilt:  Measurements should be taken across the center of the quilt for both the width and length.  Cut two borders that length and pin them to opposite sides of the quilt.  Match the ends and centers, and then gently ease in any fullness.  Pin, sew and press.  Repeat for other two.